Turn On Your Lover with Edible Lingerie Tonight

Edible Kandi UndiesLooking to spice up your love life with something daring? Consider different positions and moves in bed. Different positions in bed jazz up your time together and also offer a chance for partners to explore each other’s bodies. There is another more adventurous way to add some spice into your love life. Or shall I rather say add ‘sweetness’ into your love life? Because it’s edible lingerie that I am talking about! First introduced as Candypants in 1975, this piece of edible erotic wear has come a long way. Today edible lingerie comes in various flavors, having been introduced as licorice flavored. If your man has a sweet tooth, hold off desert after dinner, for the edible candy lingerie will give him more than he can chew!

Foraying into the new territory of edible bras and panties could make those butterflies flutter in the depths of your stomach, but fear not, Lady! Here are a few things to remember before you start bringing desert to bed!

Things You Need


Lube should be on your list when you are shopping for edible lingerie. Some of these candies can be sticky, and using edible massage oil will help slip it on easily. Choose preferably the same flavor as your lingerie, so your partner doesn’t have to jump different flavors to get to the real candy waiting for them.

Waxing Is Important

The sexy lingerie can turn into something very unsexy with pubic hair interfering with the candies. It’s best that both you and your partner shave before donning the sexy treat.

It’s a Joint Decision

You might think edible Saucy treats will put the zing back into your love life, but there is a chance that your partner may think otherwise. It is not completely surprising that your partner may freak out totally if you buy the sweet things without first running the idea by them. You don’t want to turn them off with the very thing that you thought would help you put the spice back into your bedroom antics.

Shop Together

Since it’s a new thing both of you are indulging in, it is best that you pick up the candy treats together. If you are too bashful to walk into a store and ask for edible undies, shop online for these.  There are different types of undies available – edible bras, panties, underwear, pasties for nipples and many other edible novelty items. Stoke the artist in you with edible body paints.

Edible LingerieMake Your Own Edible Bra

If you are the DIY kinds, you would probably like to dabble in making some of your own. Whipped cream or body paint is perfect for your DIY ingredients. Have your partner lather on some whipped cream on to your breasts or your pubic area, and then lie back and enjoy the tingling sensations while the yummy stuff is licked off your sensitive parts.

Using edible undies in bed is part of extended foreplay so make sure there is a lot of time on your hands. A weekend morning or afternoon is the perfect time for indulging in this kind of foreplay. Remember to keep communication channels open, and if things get messy or awkward (which they probably will), you are allowed to laugh.


Kate Upton Covered Up…Whoever thought of this should be fired!


So, Jalouse Magazine had a bright idea – take a girl with a smokin’ bod and cover her up in sensible clothing, even her gorgeous blond tresses and her pretty face. I guess this is supposed to be all fashionable and shit. I call it a big disappointment. If you’d like to see more sensible pictures, go here. And in case you’re wondering what’s under all that trench coat and hat:

kate-3 kate-cat-daddy kate-cat-daddy2

I rest my case. I expect the letter of termination on Jalouse’s editorial department’s desk by the end of the day.


Emma Watson Goes Edgy for Nylon


Emma Watson on the cover of Nylon’s “It Issue.” It’s something alright. I’m not feeling this look on her at all. I really hate when people do the collar hold pose. It’s so Glamor Shots circa 1995. Emma normally looks so cute in pics, but this is just so off. Really photog? You couldn’t do any better than that?!?! Emma is joined on the cover by her Perks of Being a Wallflower co-stars, Ezra Miller and Logan Lerman.