Orgasm Shots – A Boost for Low Sex Drive in Women

Orgasm ShotsMove over sex toys. Orgasm shots are here to give you the biggest, longest, sexiest orgasm ever! It all started with Kim Kardashian getting her face injected with her own blood in a process which has been termed Vampire Facelift. Plasma separated from blood drawn from her arm was injected into her face to rejuvenate her skin. The plasma encourages new cell growth in and around the injected area and makes skin more youthful and glowing.

The same procedure is used for O shots – Orgasm Shot to be more precise. It’s a direct approach to help you feel sexier and boost your sexual urges, as well as bringing you to earth shattering orgasms. Guess where the plasma is injected. In the vajajay!

Yes! A shot directed at your clitoris and the O spot – the opening of the vagina – is guaranteed to spike your sex drive and also give you a tighter hoo-ha!

Why do women want it?

Well… all of us would like to experience stronger, more pleasurable orgasms, wouldn’t we? Many women lose their sex drives or experience lower libido for a variety of reasons. It could be stress, anxiety or diagnosed sexual dysfunction – all of which can be treated with the O shot. It took a brave woman to direct the procedure more southwards to her vaj to see similar results down there.

The shot apparently increases the size and also sensitivity of the G spot and also the joy button known as the clitoris. It also makes the clit brighter and fuller. All for a great cause of course. Bigger orgasms!

Sex gets better!

If you are unhappy with the lack of or lesser number of orgasms in your life, the O Shot is here to save the day. Of course there is the Female Viagra too – recently approved by the FDA – that stimulates the brain directly and increases libido. But as of now it is only for premenopausal women. But the O Shot is in no way restricted in its use! Adult women – pre or post menopausal – irrespective of their age are eligible for the rejuvenating shot.

Whether you are alone or with a partner, whether using a vibrator or not, the orgasms will come rolling by, thick and fast rocking your world bringing you to the edge of desire again and again.

The Damages?

The O Shot says experts do the job only for about a year, so you have to get a touch up about once a year. The effect of the shot begins to reduce as you are about to compete a year, and by the end of 12 months or so, you would probably need another shot. The duration of the process is pretty short, so you could call it a ‘lunchtime procedure’.

To conclude

It’s definitely a process worth trying if it makes your orgasms stronger than even your younger years. It stings a little during the process, but nothing that a numbing cream provided by your medical practitioner can’t handle. And in case you do feel the pain, well it’s worth a shot! No pain, no Pleasure, yes?

Orgasm Shot anyone?


Harry Styles Face Tattoo? Take Away the Tattoo Gun!

Sugarscape says Harry Styles met rapper Angel at the iTunes Festival on Thursday and was digging Angel’s face tattoos.

“He was asking about them and I offered to take him down to my boy’s parlour,” Angel told The Sun. “He laughed and said he’d think about it.”

Angel should know you don’t just say that to Harry. This is the kid who gets tattoos like you and I put on lip balm. I love tattoos (and have a ton of them myself), but Harry shouldn’t mess with that angelic face or distract from the dimple! But, just in case, here’s some ideas.

Get a whole bunch of stars like that chick in Belgium.


A 1D logo. The ultimate brand/band advertisement, although they’d need to come out with a third edition of the One Direction Dolls.


Every tattoo lover needs one good portrait. So far, Harry’s got things like iced gems and locks and words like “Hi” and “17Black” so I think he’s overdue for a portrait. That wouldn’t be weird at all.



Jennie Garth with Crimped Hair – Sign of the Apocalypse

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 20:  Jennie Garth arrives at the People StyleWatch Hollywood denim party held at Palihouse Holloway on September 20, 2012 in West Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – SEPTEMBER 20: Jennie Garth arrives at the People StyleWatch Hollywood denim party held at Palihouse Holloway on September 20, 2012 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

There’s no good reason to wear your hair crimped. It sucked in the mid-1980s and it sucks now. Just say no to crimps, kids. Even Jennie Garth is questioning her own hairstyle.