After Harry's Drive is Over, I'm Closing Down 1D Fans Give

EDITED TO SAY: After consideration....we've done too much good to close this down. It doesn't mean I'm ok with how this band is run/operated. But, I still believe in harnessing "fan power" to raise money for charity.

From my 1D Fans Give site:

I'm sad to announce this, but I can no longer support a band (One Direction) that has continually shown support for homophobic people. This latest incident is just one of many, that I've ignored in the past for various reasons, but this was the straw that broke the camel's back. I am a 39-year old lesbian who has been with my partner for 7 years. I also happen to be an adult fan who really likes One Direction. Their music has made my very stressful life a bit less stressful and I've enjoyed watching them over the years.

However, I've watched as time and again, various members of the band have shown support for people whose views are reprehensible. Whether that support is legitimate or is tied to some kind of promo or PR purposes, I can no longer justify defending them or raising money in the name of people whose views (at least on twitter) are so divergent from my own. 

I have watched as members of One Direction have appeared to engage in fake relationships for various reasons (publicity, etc.). I have watched as members of One Direction have tweeted about being "gutted" that Evander Holyfield was kicked off Celebrity Big Brother - the same Evander Holyfield who said gays like me could be "cured". And oh yeah, he also punched a pregnant horse. I have watched as members of 1D have supported the "family values" of the Duck Dynasty crew (who compared homosexuality to bestiality).

The 1D fandom is about as homophobic as you can get yet I've looked past that because I enjoyed the music and the boys. It's really hard being gay and being a 1D fan. The two things just don't seem to mix well. The fact that fans are justifying Liam's support for the Duck Dynasty family makes me want to run as far away as I can from this fandom. I can no longer be a part of this.

When I started this site, I just wanted to do some good. I wanted to harness all the crazy 1D fans and put that energy towards worthy causes and we did. We raised over $23,000 for Louis' birthday charity drive for Bluebell Wood. We raised over $3000 for Zayn's birthday charity drive for One in a Million. We've currently raised almost $4000 for Harry's birthday charity drive for Believe in Magic. 

But I can no longer, in good conscience, raise money in the name of members of a band whose public image does not represent MY values. I'm tired of having my lifestyle indirectly put down by people who I was a fan of.

Please continue to support these wonderful charities if you are looking for charities to support. They've all been wonderful and appreciative of your support.

I will see Harry's charity drive through to the end and then this site will come down. And I will go on blogging about anything other than One Direction. This whole experience has left a bad taste in my mouth, which is a shame since we've raised about $30,000 for the three charities and could probably raise a lot more.

All the donation sites on Just Giving will remain active so that you can continue to donate money to these causes as you see fit.