Do These 5 Things on Valentine’s Day if You are Single & Loving it


So the biggest day of love is here and the world has gone into an overdrive of shopping, planning, making reservations for dinners and vacations. And you find yourself wondering over which cereal you should have on Valentine’s morning. Or which TV show is going to hold your attention on the day when the world celebrates love. In short, you are single, and find it extremely difficult to spend Valentine’s Day all by yourself. Fret not. We’ve got your back. This post contains 5 kickass ideas to celebrate the day of love even if you are single and without a partner.

If you look at it from a positive aspect of things, being alone on this day saves you an insane amount of cash which you would have spent otherwise on overpriced gifts and chocolates. So that’s one expenditure less! Read on for fab ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day alone!

Indulge Yourself

Just because you are single that is no reason to mop over your status. Go ahead spulrge a little on yourself. Get a mani pedi or a rejuvenating body spa at the beginning of the day. The luxury will make you fall in love with yourself!

Have a Singles’ Party

So, you don’t have a partner to have a candlelit dinner with. Go ahead, invite your single girlfriends and have a blast at home. If you are feeling bitter, have an anti-Valentine’s party with a black theme. Black baloons, dark colored food, black decorations and everything else that is not pink. And yes, lots of alcohol to keep the party flowing.

Go Out With The Girls

If a home party sounds too tame, go out with your girls. Go to a restaurant or a karaoke joint and grab the center stage. There’s nothing more attractive than a single woman on Valentine’s Day who knows how to let her hair down and enjoy herself.

Have A Date Night With Your Favorite Star

jude law

Image Source: Google.com

Be it Javier Bardem, Richard Gere, or Jude Law – seal a date with your favorite star. Okay, with their movies. Pop a bottle of your favorite wine, fill a bowl with popcorn and get yourself a blanket to sneak into and have a movie-thon of your favorite star’s movies. Rent chick flicks or guy bashing movies – depending on your mood and let them drive you into your fantasy world.

Gift Yourself Something Naughty And Nice

Lingerie, vibrator, a puppy (or a kitten) – anything goes. There is no reason you should not get a gift just ‘coz you are missing a Valentine this year. Buy some frilly lingerie to flatter your ego, or a vibrator for a clit flick, and go to town! It’s always great to receive gifts, and if you attach a note to yourself while paying online, you will be thanking yourself for the small silly act. When the gift reaches you, you will love the words written to yourself from the past.

February 14th is about love, and love can manifest itself in many ways. Volunteering at the local pet center or working with children will fill your heart with love and joy. There’s nothing like a puppy licking away at your face or the innocent smile of a child to light up your day.


James Deen Has a Great Fall

James Deen

Image Source: Image Amplified

‘Porn’s Boy Next Door’ James Deen has a dirty little secret in his closet, which came tumbling out with his ex Stoya bringing allegations of rape against the porn heartthrob. She tweeted on November 29 that it is hard for her to smile and nod when other people bring up his name. He, she accused, pinned her down and forcibly had sex with her, despite her asking him to stop. She said she also used the safe word but Deen didn’t even acknowledge it.

Post Stoya’s allegations, two more adult film actresses came up with similar allegations. Tori Lux wrote in an essay for The Daily beast that Deen grabbed her by the throat, shoved her to the ground and struck her face and head with an open palm. He then let her go, but only temporarily. He again grabbed her by her hair pushing her to the ground and shoved his crotch into her face. She was on the set of a movie she was filming at the time the attack happened. Her account of the assault was followed by another porn star Ashley Fires, who she said almost raped her and definitely assaulted her sexually. This too happened at the sets. He pushed himself onto her from the back and backed off only after she had repeatedly told him to stop.

Fires immediately started to decline any offers to work with him, and she also cited the reason for doing so to several producers. Deen allegedly asked her to “stop telling people about it” and instead asked her to say that he reminded her of her brother.

Deen had it really going for him and in his 11 year career, had filmed more than 2000 adult movies as an actor, and 51 as director. He has won numerous awards, voted both by jury and audiences, and has risen to phenomenal success. Considering he has a lot on his plate, his downfall couldn’t have come at a more inopportune moment. Several online magazines and Kink.com have withdrawn their associations with him in the wake of the allegations. Doc Johnson, the adult sex toys brand that sells the James Deen line of products has decided to stop manufacturing more items.

 True, that there probably will be no evidence other than the victims’ accounts to prove he is guilty, but as in any assault or rape case, the victims’ words are enough to announce the perpetrator guilty.

It is ironical that Deen, who so famously proclaimed himself feminist, and also reinstated that he respects women, would go ahead to violate consent and force himself on women. He won several AVN and XBIZ awards this year, and commands a large fanbase. There is a sizable number of teenage girls who are his fans, which speaks volumes about his popularity, since the target audience of the industry he works in is hardly the chosen demography.

He has a history of Twitter rape jokes, which weren’t funny to begin with and in light of the recent events, paints a darker picture of him. Despite his proclamations of being a feminist and advocacy of consent, what he really is and what he portrayed are poles apart.

Deen of course has denied all allegations.

We’ll keep updating this piece of news. You can stay tuned to this blog if you want to know more.


Adele and Drake Had Each Other at “Hello”

adele and drake

Image Source: hngn.com

Seems like Adele and Drake have a lot of mutual admiration for each other. Recently Adele said Hello from the Other Side to Drake and expressed her desire to remix Hotline Bling with Drake. She was quoted by media talking about doing an official remix of the rapper’s by now famous song. She said: “I really want us to do an official remix of ‘Hotline Bling’. I love Drake. I love Drake so much.”

The rapper responded by saying he is a great fan of Adele and would do anything she wants. He isn’t averse to the idea of even doing her laundry! Now Drake after the Hotline Bling memes, are you sure you want some laundry memes too?

Adele is so in love with the rapper that she even ordered the red jacket from the latter’s chartbusting video and performed a drunken dance atop a table while she was out drinking with friends. It’s interesting to note that both their singles are topping the charts right now and coincidentally (at least I think so) both are about cell phones. Meanwhile, I was wondering why she uses such an old flip phone in a 2015 video? I mean those phones are so antique, yes? Oh may be the flip phone is going to make a comeback soon. We’d all be racing to buy our new flip phones then.

I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open for any announcement of the two teaming up for the proposed remix, but what I am really excited about is that Adele has finally announced a 2016 tour of Britain, Ireland and Europe, after making us wait for four excruciating years. She is no more afraid to perform in front of large crowds – wonder if she had enochlophobia prior to this?

Drake himself has been having his share of limelight with DrakeNight being held at Toronto a couple of days back, with councillor Norm Kelly dancing to the track and trying to imitate the now viral dance moves of the rapper. That night the Toronto Raptors won over visitors Cleveland Cavaliers.

While the two stars are up to their own game, I’ll be waiting for the remix and of course Adele’s tour! Can’t wait to hear the crowds singing ‘Hello’ with her.


Orgasm Shots – A Boost for Low Sex Drive in Women

Orgasm ShotsMove over sex toys. Orgasm shots are here to give you the biggest, longest, sexiest orgasm ever! It all started with Kim Kardashian getting her face injected with her own blood in a process which has been termed Vampire Facelift. Plasma separated from blood drawn from her arm was injected into her face to rejuvenate her skin. The plasma encourages new cell growth in and around the injected area and makes skin more youthful and glowing.

The same procedure is used for O shots – Orgasm Shot to be more precise. It’s a direct approach to help you feel sexier and boost your sexual urges, as well as bringing you to earth shattering orgasms. Guess where the plasma is injected. In the vajajay!

Yes! A shot directed at your clitoris and the O spot – the opening of the vagina – is guaranteed to spike your sex drive and also give you a tighter hoo-ha!

Why do women want it?

Well… all of us would like to experience stronger, more pleasurable orgasms, wouldn’t we? Many women lose their sex drives or experience lower libido for a variety of reasons. It could be stress, anxiety or diagnosed sexual dysfunction – all of which can be treated with the O shot. It took a brave woman to direct the procedure more southwards to her vaj to see similar results down there.

The shot apparently increases the size and also sensitivity of the G spot and also the joy button known as the clitoris. It also makes the clit brighter and fuller. All for a great cause of course. Bigger orgasms!

Sex gets better!

If you are unhappy with the lack of or lesser number of orgasms in your life, the O Shot is here to save the day. Of course there is the Female Viagra too – recently approved by the FDA – that stimulates the brain directly and increases libido. But as of now it is only for premenopausal women. But the O Shot is in no way restricted in its use! Adult women – pre or post menopausal – irrespective of their age are eligible for the rejuvenating shot.

Whether you are alone or with a partner, whether using a vibrator or not, the orgasms will come rolling by, thick and fast rocking your world bringing you to the edge of desire again and again.

The Damages?

The O Shot says experts do the job only for about a year, so you have to get a touch up about once a year. The effect of the shot begins to reduce as you are about to compete a year, and by the end of 12 months or so, you would probably need another shot. The duration of the process is pretty short, so you could call it a ‘lunchtime procedure’.

To conclude

It’s definitely a process worth trying if it makes your orgasms stronger than even your younger years. It stings a little during the process, but nothing that a numbing cream provided by your medical practitioner can’t handle. And in case you do feel the pain, well it’s worth a shot! No pain, no Pleasure, yes?

Orgasm Shot anyone?


Turn On Your Lover with Edible Lingerie Tonight

Edible Kandi UndiesLooking to spice up your love life with something daring? Consider different positions and moves in bed. Different positions in bed jazz up your time together and also offer a chance for partners to explore each other’s bodies. There is another more adventurous way to add some spice into your love life. Or shall I rather say add ‘sweetness’ into your love life? Because it’s edible lingerie that I am talking about! First introduced as Candypants in 1975, this piece of edible erotic wear has come a long way. Today edible lingerie comes in various flavors, having been introduced as licorice flavored. If your man has a sweet tooth, hold off desert after dinner, for the edible candy lingerie will give him more than he can chew!

Foraying into the new territory of edible bras and panties could make those butterflies flutter in the depths of your stomach, but fear not, Lady! Here are a few things to remember before you start bringing desert to bed!

Things You Need


Lube should be on your list when you are shopping for edible lingerie. Some of these candies can be sticky, and using edible massage oil will help slip it on easily. Choose preferably the same flavor as your lingerie, so your partner doesn’t have to jump different flavors to get to the real candy waiting for them.

Waxing Is Important

The sexy lingerie can turn into something very unsexy with pubic hair interfering with the candies. It’s best that both you and your partner shave before donning the sexy treat.

It’s a Joint Decision

You might think edible Saucy treats will put the zing back into your love life, but there is a chance that your partner may think otherwise. It is not completely surprising that your partner may freak out totally if you buy the sweet things without first running the idea by them. You don’t want to turn them off with the very thing that you thought would help you put the spice back into your bedroom antics.

Shop Together

Since it’s a new thing both of you are indulging in, it is best that you pick up the candy treats together. If you are too bashful to walk into a store and ask for edible undies, shop online for these.  Here is a recommended online sex toy store: www.cupidboutique.com. There are different types of undies available – edible bras, panties, underwear, pasties for nipples and many other edible novelty items. Stoke the artist in you with edible body paints.

Edible LingerieMake Your Own Edible Bra

If you are the DIY kinds, you would probably like to dabble in making some of your own. Whipped cream or body paint is perfect for your DIY ingredients. Have your partner lather on some whipped cream on to your breasts or your pubic area, and then lie back and enjoy the tingling sensations while the yummy stuff is licked off your sensitive parts.

Using edible undies in bed is part of extended foreplay so make sure there is a lot of time on your hands. A weekend morning or afternoon is the perfect time for indulging in this kind of foreplay. Remember to keep communication channels open, and if things get messy or awkward (which they probably will), you are allowed to laugh.


Ack. I killed my laptop


I was drinking soda last night and it went down the wrong way and was basically drowning me, so I ended up spitting it out all over the place but one of those places was my laptop and I think I killed it! It still works but the keys aren’t responding right anymore. It’s opening a new tab every time I click enter and some of the letters must be fried because they’re not working either.

I’m on my itty bitty netbook at the moment and I don’t have any of my Sassy Louis gifs on this machine and I’m so upset LOL. Oye. Looks like I’ll have to get a new laptop today, which I’m sort of okay with. I’ve had that other one for like 6 years or something so it was getting old, but still worked great. Damn.

Morale of the story: If you are choking on liquid and have to spit it out, aim away from the laptop.


Not much happening so far

The Daily Record has an article about the boys being in Glasgow for a concert and even have an email address in the article where you can email them photos or news if they’re spotted. They reference when Harry went to get pizza with Ellis and wonder if the boys will be spotted out and about.

The Star, which appears to be a regional-ish type paper, has an article about Louis being on the Sunday Times Rich List (with the other guys in 1D). I was all confused about why Louis was getting top-billing but then saw it’s from a paper that’s from his hometown or whatever.

ALL conquering Doncaster pop sensation Louis Tomlinson is in the money – after securing a spot on the annual Sunday Times Rich List for the very first time.

The Bessacarr star has landed a place on the newspaper’s annual round-up of the country’s wealthiest people and is ranked in 17th equal spot on the Young Music Millionaires list with his One Direction bandmates.
They have an estimated fortune of £5 million each.

The star is still a long 
way behind Adele who tops list with £30 million and Sir Paul McCartney who heads the music list with £680 million.

This netbook I’m on is slow as mud. I was going to post using only sloth gifs but damn, the sloth tab on tumblr is a scary place!

Daily reminder to vote. We’re in 9th as of this morning, but every vote counts!


Liam Payne Dating Leona Lewis Already? That sounds false, too


According to reports this morning, One Direction’s Liam Payne is finally dating his long term crush Leona Lewis.

This is another rumor that just seems false. Liam and Danielle Peazer literally just broke up days ago and it still hasn’t even been confirmed by either one of them. Plus, Liam looked kind of sad on Alan Carr when the girlfriends discussion came up. I see it’s The Mirror again! I guess the British suffer with them like Americans suffer with the National Enquirer. From here:

A close family source has told The Mirror that 19-year-old Liam has managed to already go on two dates with Leona, 27, despite only breaking up with Danielle Peazer (and Leona look-alike, ahem) days ago.

 “As soon as the chance came to ask her out he grabbed it – and they really enjoyed their dates together.“Although they were in London they managed to stay out of the limelight and are really into each other.”

Liam has often said Leona is his celebrity crush:

“My celebrity crush has gotta be Leona Lewis – everybody on my Twitter will know that. Love Leona…”

Leona said this awhile back:

“He’s sweet,” she told The Mirror. “But they’re, like, two.”


Kate Upton Covered Up…Whoever thought of this should be fired!


So, Jalouse Magazine had a bright idea – take a girl with a smokin’ bod and cover her up in sensible clothing, even her gorgeous blond tresses and her pretty face. I guess this is supposed to be all fashionable and shit. I call it a big disappointment. If you’d like to see more sensible pictures, go here. And in case you’re wondering what’s under all that trench coat and hat:

kate-3 kate-cat-daddy kate-cat-daddy2

I rest my case. I expect the letter of termination on Jalouse’s editorial department’s desk by the end of the day.