Grumpy Cat was the Highlight of Idol Last Night + Some Things for While I'm Gone

Grumpy Cat on Idol was the best. That cat is so chill (even when Ryan Seacrest started bopping around while holding Grumpy Cat).

I'm headed off to NYC. I meant to set up posts, but ran out of time! Here's a few things to keep you busy. 

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Victoria Justice and Her Awkward Flower Crown

This is like the Princess Leia of flower crowns. Victoria Justice is such a pretty girl so I feel like she needs something better than this halfass flower crown that was in the Michael's clearance bin. Add flower crowns to the celebrity-mandated boho garb they all seem to wear for no apparent reason. Nothing accessorizes an awkward flower crown better than an awkward looking Cody Simpson, who's trying to look like a bad ass while sporting one hell of a boo boo on his knee.

Neon Jungle Perform at Heaven at G-A-Y in London

Jess Plummer, Amira McCarthy, Asami Zdrenka and Shereen Cutkelvin of Neon Jungle performed at Heaven at G-A-Y in London last night. I think I need to borrow Jess Plummer's My Little Pony outfit, Amira's legs look a million miles long, Asami continues to be my favorite of the blue-haired celebrities, and Shereen's skirt reminds me of the movie Teeth.

In other news, Little Mix has even more work cut out for them because Neon Jungle seems to be getting more attention in the British girl band department.

Jared Leto in Zebra Pants - Sweet or Sour?

I'm so torn. I once dated a guy in college who wore zebra print workout pants in public and I think it scarred me for life (or possibly is the reason I'm now a lesbian). But, it's Jared Leto. And he's shirtless. And he's wearing a vegan cuff. And the sun is hitting his abs and his little golden highlights just right. Fine. It's sweet! Jared will always be sweet! Even if he wore a Hefty bag and galoshes, he'd be a sweet. #ihatemyselfforlovingyou

Celebrity Fashion Trends We Don't Need: Pia Mia's Skweats

Up and coming singer Pia Mia recently performed at the 'Spring Concert Series' at 5 Towers Outdoor Concert Arena wearing the outfit above. I don't even know what to call it. Pink sweatsuit with a flap? Skweats (skirt + sweats)? My reaction to this outfit:

Pia Mia's got a lovely bod though and the whole thing sort of reminds me of Christina Aguilera's Genie in a Bottle video, but I'm not sure we need this look to become a thing. Then again, if wearing sweats gussied up with a fancy flap became a socially acceptable way of dressing up and I could wear this to foofy social events, I could be down with that! Bring it on!

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at St Andrew's Cathedral for Easter Sunday Service in Sydney, Australia

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrive at St Andrew's Cathedral for Easter Sunday Service in Sydney, Australia. Besides the fact that Australia is like this time machine that takes you a day into the future, it wouldn't be Easter without Easter hats and Easter dresses. I remember I used to peruse the JC Penney catalog looking for the perfect Easter dress (purple!) and I had to have my hair french-braided and patent leather shoes because that's how I rolled at 7.

Just looking at all these pictures of Kate, I've decided I could never be a duchess. She's always so put-together and I'm too much of a hot mess to pull it off! 

Vanessa Hudgen's Got Her Bindi On - Must Mean It's Time for Coachella

What is it about Coachella that makes celebrities slap on a bindi and hair dye and feathers? While others out there are screaming about cultural appropriation, I'm just ranting about the unoriginality of it all. Like if you are going to "express" yourself because a music festival at a polo club (how foofy does that sound?), then do it up right and don't copy the 10,000 other celebs sticking on bindis and hair dye for the weekend. Coachella has become such a psuedo boho fashion show with a lot of good bands as the backing track.

James Marsden Takes a Coffee Break - Latte Hottie

Have you ever seen a dude look this good getting a coffee from Starbucks? Me either. I usually see annoying balding businessmen in suits or bitchy soccer moms who cut you off and then won't move down the line to wait for their coffee. Actor James Marsden manages to look better than half the population while getting his coffee fix. A+ stubble, man.

HAIM at Coachella

HAIM actually makes me think there's a time machine and they've somehow come back from the 70s. Their whole vibe gives me flashbacks to the original Carrie movie with Sissy Spacek (not the shitty 2013 remake) and Alana Haim, Este Haim and Danielle Haim would definitely be the ones throwing pads at Carrie in the gym shower and driving her into a telekinetic frenzy. And I give them props for managing to look effortlessly cool and not resorting to stick-on bindis.

Leighton Meester at the 'Life Partners' Premiere during the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival


Leighton Meester attended the 'Life Partners' Premiere during the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival looking cute except for one thing...I'm not sure I'm a fan of this dress' stomach situation. It's reminding me of window valances or something. 

I'm awarding this look 3 judgmental Louis Tomlinsons.

lou judging you1.gif