Wax One Direction Gets Their Summer Makeover

Everyone can use a summer makeover, especially if you've had teen girls pawing all over you all winter and spring! Wax One Direction got their summer makeover with new outfits. They managed to F up Louis' hair. They should just start over with Louis hair and choose a wig that looks more like his current shaggy do. Harry's got meemaw hair (like granny spent all day at the beauty parlor in those rollers under the blower) although they did add a headband! Niall looks like he's doing that awkward smile like when you don't want to smile but you have to. Wax Liam freshens up with some lumberjack plaid.

5SOS in New Jersey

Here's some 5SOS in New Jersey. My beef with this whole set is that it's so busy, you can't see the guys! (1D has the same problem!). Poor Ashton got screwed in the picture department! There's like none of him! 

RITUAL's debut single, Breathe, Featuring the BREATHE Collection

Some of you old-timers might remember me posting stuff about fashion designer and singer Cassidy Haley. He's back with a new venture with artistic partner and fiancee Jillian Ann called RITUAL. From their site:

Make Life a Ritual INC is a multi-media entertainment and lifestyle company whose purpose is to cause cultural evolution through authentic creative expression. Fashion, Music, and Film are the primary artistic mediums utilized in our mission to inspire a world where people are empowered, compassionate, and fearlessly care about themselves, each other, and the planet. 

Their Spring 2014 collection was launched this past September and they are preparing the launch of their second collection, BREATHE, to coincide with the release of their first single and music video of the same name. You can see the video above, featuring clothes from the BREATHE collection. I love the idea of combining all these different elements - fashion, music, and film - to create this intertwined, multi-faceted endeavor! 

Sponsored Video: Lindt #ChocolateHeaven is Revealed!

Last week, I posted about a challenge between Roger Federer and Lindsay Vonn called #ChocolateHeaven, where Roger challenged Lindsey to a mysterious challenge that only included the hints that it was on a mountain and was called #ChocolateHeaven. Now the details of the challenge have been revealed! The challenge was a tennis match between Roger and Lindsey on top of the Jungfraujoch on the Aletsch glacier against the backdrop of the Bernese Alps. The challenge was to celebrate the opening of Lindt's newest and highest shop that sits 3,454 meters high! Known as 'The Top of Europe," the Jungfraujoch is definitely about as close to #ChocolateHeaven as you can get!

In the video above, you can see Roger and Lindsey doing their warm up and then a winner takes all set with the winner getting a piece of Lindt chocolate. Roger wins easily on the first serve, but thankfully, in #chocolateheaven, there's enough chocolate for everyone and Roger shares from his ample stash of Lindt chocolates!  Then, we move on to video of the shop opening (complete with luscious shots of the bakers making Lindt chocolates) and the official challenge between Roger and Lindsey, witnessed by the Lindt chocolate makers. The match is closer than you'd think as they both take turns getting points, but Roger gives himself a red card after not being a "gentleman" during the match and almost hitting Lindsey with the tennis ball!

The best part of the video is seeing the green of the tennis court against the white snowy mountain! You can see how high up they are. With its picturesque setting, the Jungfraujoch is the perfect location for Lindt's newest and highest shop!

Check out Lindt's Facebook: http://unr.ly/1mGnBlk and Twitter: http://unr.ly/1mGnBlm for more info!

This post was sponsored by Lindt, but the thoughts expressed are all my own!

Sponsored Video: An Invitation to #ChocolateHeaven

Tennis champ Roger Federer has invited ski legend Lindsey Vonn to #chocolateheaven, but what exactly does that mean? It's probably best to start at the beginning. Back in October 2013, Roger Federer asked his Twitter followers which athlete they would like to see him play in another sport. Ski legend and Federer fan Lindsey Vonn, on the mend and returning from injury, tweeted that she’d ski with him if he played tennis with her. She said she'd been playing a lot of tennis that summer, but also offered up golf as a sport they could both play since it was a sport neither of them were known for.


Fast forward to 2014 to 2 days after the Wimbledon finals. Roger is in Switzerland and Lindsey's by the beach. In the teaser video above, Roger Skypes Lindsey and he's got a challenge for her. The only clues so far are #chocolateheaven and a drawing he made for Lindsey that appears to show them on a mountain. Who knew Roger was such an artist!

Is it a mountain full of chocolate? That certainly sounds like #chocolateheaven to me!  Will they be skiing down a mountain with the prize being Lindt chocolate? At this point, it's anyone's guess! 

At the end of the video, Roger teases Lindsey with some Lindt chocolate, saying he'll Skype her back in a few days with more details, leaving us all wondering what is #chocolateheaven, what will this challenge entail, and who will win the Roger Federer vs. Lindsey Vonn challenge!

Stay tuned and find out what this invitation to #chocolateheaven means on July 17, 2014!

For more information and to speak your mind about what your idea of #chocolateheaven is, check out Lindt's Facebook at http://unr.ly/1mGnBlk and twitter at http://unr.ly/1mGnBlm. You can also tweet Roger (http://unr.ly/1mGnBBC) or Lindsey (http://unr.ly/1mGnE0t) to wish them luck!

This post was sponsored by Lindt, but the thoughts expressed are all my own!

Sponsored Video: International Delight: Have a Delightful Day #spon

I'm getting ready to go to NYC and one of the things I dread is my daily pit stop at that well-known coffeehouse to get my daily fix. The lines are insanely long because of all the tourists, the ordering process is crazy complicated (grande iced skinny caramel macchiato no whip), and I'm always worried there's going to be some crazy mixup and someone is going to run off with my coffee! There's a reason I make coffee at home when I'm not jetsetting off to New York! 

Making fancy coffee at home just got even easier. International Delight Iced Coffee is the perfect way to get your coffeehouse fix without the long lines, the endless naming conventions, the waiting, and the name-calling (just like the video above)! Plus, you'll save a fortune - there's no reason to spend hundreds of dollars a month on iced coffee when you can spend a fraction of that making it at home with International Delight Iced Coffee!

With flavors like Original, Vanilla, Mocha, and Caramel Macchiato (yes!), you can get your fix without ever setting foot outside your house. They even have Light flavors - Mocha, Vanilla, and Caramel Macchiato (double yes!) with 1/3 fewer calories! The Light Iced Coffee is only 100 calories per serving so you know I'm all over that. And if you're feeling especially indulgent they have Cold Stone Creamery™ Sweet Cream and Hershey's® Cookies 'n' Creme flavors. I'm restraining myself from running to the store right now! 

You just pour International Delight Iced Coffee over ice and you're ready to go in seconds without the lines, the overly complicated drink orders, the high price, the waiting, or the yelling out of names. I wonder if I can carve out some space in my suitcase for International Delight Iced Coffee!

This post was sponsored by International Delight Iced Coffee, but all views expressed are my own!

Just a reminder - I'll be out of town!

I'll be out of town for the next week or so celebrating my birthday! I won't be online as much. I'll be back in action on Monday the 14th.

In the meantime, don't forget we have two charity drives going on:

Liam's info:

You can get the rainbow bondage bear shirts from these spreadshirt links (as well as other designs).




Niall's info:

No t-shirt designs yet! Contact me if you have a shirt design!  


Sponsored Video: Burger King Proud Whopper #spon

Burger King has a new campaign for the "Proud Whopper." During San Francisco Gay Pride 2014, Burger King introduced a new burger called the Proud Whopper. The video shows peoples' reactions to this new burger as they wonder what makes it different from the regular Whopper. Some people are embarrassed or offended when asked if they'd like to try the Proud Whopper while others happily order it. Some of the skeptics say "Do gay people even eat fast food?" or wonder if it's a "gay burger." Supporters think it's a cool idea and say it's about time for such a burger.

The ad shows customer reaction as they read the wrapper that says "We are all the same inside" and they realize that not only is there no difference between the Traditional Whopper and the Proud Whopper, but that Burger King is taking a stance on equality. 

Some of the customers are overwhelmed by the message that we're all the same inside with one customer saying, "A burger has never made me cry before," as she wipes tears of joy away. I have to admit, as a lesbian who's been with my girlfriend for almost 9 years (who also worked at a Burger King as a teen), I got a little choked up by the commercial, too!

The ad ends with the children of gay parents making statements on equality with one kid saying he thinks the wrapper means we all have the same rights and a girl saying she loves her two mommies. 

I agree with one of the customers who says it made her feel supported and that it's "baby steps". It's so great that such a large corporation is willing to take a stance on equality and be inclusive of ALL of its customers!

This post is sponsored by Burger King, but all thoughts expressed are my own!

Niall's Birthday Charity Drive

I've just set up Niall's birthday charity drive. His birthday is September 13th. I've set the initial goal for $2100 since it's his 21st birthday. The charity we've picked is the Leicester City Football Club Foxes Foundation, one of the charities he supported with his recent football match. You can read more about them here.

If anyone wants to make tshirt designs, let me know! 


Little Mix Has Cancelled Their US Tour with the Lamest Excuse Ever

Little Mix has cancelled their entire US tour saying:

"As a group we decided that creating an amazing 3rd album had to take priority. We're so sorry to all the Mixers who bought tickets to come and see the show. As soon as the album is finished, we promise to make plans to return to the US and perform for you all."

Let's be real. I don't think anyone is buying the "we're going to cancel our tour for one album so we can record another album" excuse. That makes zero sense. In what world do you piss off the few US fans you have by cancelling your tour? There's either drama behind the scenes or they weren't selling enough to justify the expense of touring. They were performing at smallish venues - House of Blues-size venues and on Ticketmaster, the few shows that hadn't been marked cancelled yet still had tickets available.

So, what went wrong? Well, for one their team never gave them an identity. They started out with this horrible 80s throwback look that wasn't flattering and was almost clownish. By the time, they'd abandoned that, their team then focused on promoting Zayn (from 1D) and Perrie's relationship instead of actually telling us about Little Mix or their music. Everything seemed to be about Zerrie's wedding plans, which just keep getting pushed farther and farther into the future.

Their team also appears to have not coached them well. They've given several interviews with embarrassing answers that didn't exactly win them any fans. We don't want to know that Perrie farts in front of Zayn. We want to know who the F Little Mix is! They also seem to not have coached the girls on how to look like they're actually enjoying themselves because there's a ton of HQ pics of Little Mix where they just look pissed and unfriendly. Like these are supposed to be promo pics - look alive, girls! 

Hey at least one is smiling!

I'll be curious to see what happens next with Little Mix!

Louis Tomlinson and John Ryan Discuss Plans for Doncaster Rovers


New Doncaster Rovers co-owner Louis Tomlinson stopped by Cantley Park to visit the Doncaster Rovers team. He and co-owner John Ryan discussed plans for the team and John appears in a video discussing their goals for this next year - mainly to get out of League 1 and back into the Championship league. (You can hear Louis in the background chatting LOL). 

Louis also posted a message to his supporters:

I’m sat here at Cantley Park in between my tour dates and the whole thing is all new to me.  As I speak I am sat in the gaffer's chair which I can’t believe! I am here with John (Ryan) on the first day of pre-season and I am very, very excited about this project and my role at the club.

I am moving between a lot of show dates at the moment but I am trying to get to Doncaster when I can. It's great that I can travel the world but get back here. I am a very lucky boy to get this chance!

I am working with John Ryan, who I knew from growing up in Doncaster. John is a massive hero in Doncaster Rovers fans' eyes and to be sat with him, working in business is incredible. My ambition at Rovers is to make a positive difference and help put this club where it should be.


I'm glad they are posting more pics and videos! The trust has so far raised £675,151 out of their £2,000,000 target.